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  • Meet the Team

    Meet the Team

    The Senior Management Team

    Jane Mills

    Chief Operating Officer

    “I have been working with pathology
    professionals for 7 years and am now
    proud to be leading the formation of LCL.”

    Dr. James Anson

    Consultant Microbiologist
    Associate Medical Director

    “It is a privilege to help shape an innovative,
    forward thinking, research rich and
    clinically-led laboratory medicine service
    for the people of Liverpool.”

    Craig Evans

    General Manager, Analytics

    “I am immensely proud of both the high
    quality innovative service we provide
    and the dedicated staff who underpin it.
    I truly believe that this is an exciting time
    to be a leader in laboratory medicine.”

    Dr. Lisa Bailey

    Consultant Biochemist Clinical
    Director, Blood Sciences

    “We are committed to developing our already
    vast repertoire of specialist assays and the
    clinical knowledge to support these regional
    and national referral assays.”

    Dr. Pankaj Lal

    Consultant Microbiologist
    Clinical Director, Infection
    & Immunity

    “We invest in staff, ensure we embrace
    education and training at all levels and
    we aspire to be the Infection and
    Immunity laboratory of choice for
    Merseyside and beyond.”

    Prof. Tim Helliwell

    Consultant Histopathologist
    Clinical Director, Cellular

    “Our pathologists and scientists strive
    to produce high quality reports to guide
    the clinical management of individual