Dr. Anna Smielewska

Clinical Director, Infection and Immunity

Anna Smielewska has joined the Virology team as a consultant in 2021 and has been the Clinical Director for Infection and Immunity since 2022.

Anna’s main interest is in infections in the Immunosuppressed and Paediatrics and she provides Virology cover for both Clatterbridge and Alder Hey. She has an appointment as an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, furthering research in Virology in general, as well as these specific areas.

Anna is keen to expand the I&I diagnostic range, meeting new challenges and emerging infections through collaborations with other centres, academia and industry, delivering the best service to our patients.

Anna’s other interest is teaching, and she is currently completing her PGCAP course with the University of Liverpool, with a view of bringing these transferrable skills into her role as Clinical Director.

Outside of work, Anna has two daughters, two cats, a partner who is also a Virologist, and practises yoga and Body Combat. She is looking forward to finding out more about her local community, having moved to the area during the pandemic.