Dr. Vijay Sharma

Clinical Director, Cellular Pathology

Vijay is a Consultant Pathologist and Cancer Researcher with extensive experience of research and teaching. He has been a Consultant Pathologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Liverpool since 2017, the Pathology Lead for the MBChB program in the School of Medicine since 2018, and the IT lead for Cellular Pathology from 2019-2022. He oversaw the Advanced BMS Diploma training in Cellular Pathology from 2019-2022. He took over as Clinical Director for Cellular Pathology in September 2022. He has a medical degree and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. He is the author of over 40 peer reviewed scientific publications, has won awards for his research and teaching and was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology in recognition of contributions to biological research. His research interests are in the role of energy and energy metabolism in the pathogenesis of cancer. He has also worked as an editor at BMJ Group, one of the world’s top medical research publishers, running an editorial team. He has taught over a thousand undergraduates and has personally trained and mentored over 30 scientists and healthcare professionals to develop research as part of their careers. He has served on a number of national committees, including the NCRI Breast Advisory Group, NCRI Screening, Prevention and Early Diagnosis Group and CM-Path.

Vijay is excited about the new frontiers which are emerging in Cellular Pathology, with the advent of digital technologies, AI and the use of molecular technologies to revolutionise diagnosis, prediction and prognosis, and is passionate about fostering and developing a department and network which combines a leading and innovative Clinical Service with Academic Pathology. He is committed to leading Cellular Pathology through these exciting but challenging times.

Outside of work, Vijay has a number of interests. He is a writer, currently working on a series of novels, and a music composer. He has a coaching business, and enjoys ballroom dancing and martial arts. He enjoys studying meditation and personal development and is passionate about unifying the ancient wisdom and complementary health with modern science and technology to create a holistic system of healing. He enjoys travelling, walks in nature and a good book.