Liverpool Clinical Laboratories verify and validate antibody testing in fight against Coronavirus

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Teams within Liverpool Clinical Laboratories, the largest Pathology service in the North West of England have been working extremely hard over the past few weeks to introduce antibody testing in support of the global pandemic COVID-19 effort. COVID-19 Antibody testing is a blood test to understand whether the body has produced an immune reaction (antibodies) to SARS-CoV2. It takes time for the body to produce this response.  The tests available at Liverpool Clinical Laboratories look for the two antibodies (IgM and IgG) that are produced by the body after infection. The time taken to produce antibodies varies between people, from five to seven days, but in some cases, can take more than six weeks post infection. Our Clinical Scientist in Immunology, Katy Keymer has been leading in the verification and validation process and explains more about the test: “The antibody test indicates whether a person has been infected with SARS

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Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service deliver hampers in conjunction with the LFC Foundation

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Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has been delivering goodies to Liverpool Clinical Laboratories staff and for colleagues from the Porter and Estates teams at the Liverpool University Hospital Foundation Trust. These hampers have been very kindly donated to NHS front line staff by LFC Red Neighbours and wider LFC family including the LFC Foundation as part of their ‘Unity is Strength’ community response work around COVID 19. Alyson Constantine Chief Operating Officer of Liverpool Clinical Laboratories said, “I am so proud of the staff from Liverpool Clinical Laboratories, Porters and Estates colleagues who not only worked together to set up additional services but whom have worked tirelessly doing additional shifts at weekends and into the night to ensure our patients have been cared for in the way that we would all want for ourselves and our families if unfortunate to be in the same situation”. Area Manager Gary Oakford from

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NHS Improvement update ‘State of the Nation’ report to show current pathology network maps

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To celebrate National Pathology Week, NHS Improvement have published an update to the ‘State of the Nation’; a report that shows the current network maps, along with an assessment of the progress they being made. In 2017, NHSI committed to consolidating pathology services in England by proposing 29 hub and spoke networks as analysis showed there is unwarranted variation in how NHS pathology services are delivered to patients because of how they are organised. More recently, the ambition has widened to use these networks as a key enabler of ambitions outlined in the Long Term Plan. For more information and to access the report, click here